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  • FIGU Bulletin Volume: 1
  • FIGU Bulletin Number: 5
  • FIGU Bulletin Date: December 1995 (June 1996 - English Edition)
  • Author: Billy Meier
  • Translator(s): Heidi Peters
  • Date of Translation: Unknown



FIGU Bulletin 5 Translation



American Ivy League Harvard University has initiated an investigation into activities of its resident psychiatry professor John Mack, who published the bestseller Abduction: Human Encounters with Aliens. The book is bulging with reports about purported sexual encounters between terrestrials and extraterrestrials. In his sensationalistic book, the 64-year-old Pulitzer recipient assembles and describes not only 78 cases of alleged "cosmic sex," but he also claims that no less than 3.7 million US citizens of both genders were abducted by extraterrestrials at which time the abductees and the extraterrestrials engaged in numerous sexual acts.

Had the suave professor declared his book a fictional action novel or the like, for this is precisely what it truly is, his colleagues would not have given him the flak he has since encountered. But because he leaves absolutely no doubt that he considers all the experiences he describes as being truthful, his colleagues naturally took offence. The university teacher hired two attorneys since his book was published, supposedly to look after his interests.

Regarding his claim that 3.7 million people in America were willingly abducted by extraterrestrials and occasionally, willingly or unwillingly, abused by the aliens, our Pleiadian/Plejaran friends tell us that these statements are absurd, and they serve only to escalate the already prevalent mass hysteria. In particular individuals with a labile psyche, people having delusions, as well as various addicts in "UFO and extraterrestrial" matters, will be influenced by these figures and statements via the terrestrials' collective sub-consciousness. This influence is especially wielded by the masses who have fallen prey to this nonsense at a faith-type level. The Pleiadians/Plejarans explain that genuine abductions of human earthlings by extraterrestrials for the purpose of so-called examination contacts (medical exams and tests, etc.) occur rather infrequently. The reason for this lies in the fact that extraterrestrials do not visit Earth en masse but come here only in very small numbers, and that these few visitors do not abduct millions of people on Earth. Professor John Mack's book is therefore an additional influence on mass stultification as is also the book by the American Barbara Marciniak. In her delusional state she perceives herself as a trance medium, and claims -- against all better judgment -- that she receives messages from the Pleiadians. During the 252nd Contact, February 14, 1995, Ptaah stated the following in this regard:

Ptaah: ". . . It pertains to a certain person called Barbara Marciniak who, in her delusions, perceives herself as a trance medium, while she is, truthfully, nothing more than an obscure person and fantast (WV) of the same category as Fred Bell. She is engaged in shady wheeling and dealing regarding (WV) other people on Earth as well as herself by purporting to have contacts with an energy collective from the Pleiadian star cluster. The truth is that in this cluster there exist only very young, blue and extremely hot celestial bodies which are completely incapable of supporting any type of life form -- be it in coarse material, semi-material or spiritual form. All claims made by this obscure person and fantast (WV) are simply her own inventions and fantasies and there is not the tiniest shred of truth in them -- except, possibly, for a few items she has plagiarized from your written material. She reproduced many contact conversations you and I held and, without obtaining your permission, she usually produced these documents from material which had been stolen from you. Regarding the fact that there exists no intelligent or any other type of life on the Pleiades -- hence, neither an energy collective nor any similar terrestrially-invented foolishness -- we have received a related confirmation from the Arahat Athersata, who queried the highest of all existing high spirit levels and received a reply to this question to which Arahat Athersata already knew the answer beforehand: namely, no intelligent energy form, let alone life form of any type, exists on the Pleiades' celestial bodies. The same applies also to Venus, Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto, Neptune and Uranus. With their age being only approximately 62 million years [by terrestrial standards], the Pleiades are simply far too young to support life. Furthermore, the Pleiades are celestial bodies that will never bear any life in form of an energy or material nature, since their existence will only be short-lived prior to fading and dissolving again into interstellar energy, from which gases and new formations will evolve one day."

Here ends the excerpt from Ptaah's conversation. His statements once and for all clarify the fact that the Pleiades star cluster in our space-time configuration within the DERN Universe does not support any form of life, and that the Pleiadians/Plejarans, with whom I now have been in contact for twenty years, do not come from these stars but from another space-time configuration in another dimension 80 light years beyond the Pleiades. Their constellation is also called the Pleiades/Plejares, just as they are named here. This probably means that all of those frauds, liars and deceivers regarding purported contacts with the Pleiadians will one day claim that they, of course, were maintaining contacts with the Pleiadians from beyond our visible Pleiades. Perhaps I have said a bit more than was needed, and from here on people will be more cautious now with new fraudulent claims?

Thanks to Professor John Mack's book, inane stories are going to spread once again the fantasy stories about the "breeding of a new hybrid race" between extraterrestrials from the constellation Zeta Reticuli and terrestrial human beings. Through this university professor's ludicrous book, once again, fictitious stories (see FIGU Bulletin #2, May 1995 - "Little Greys") are kindled that fuel the fires of fear among the believers and others. This, in turn, increases the hysteria regarding purported abductions and sexual acts by extraterrestrials that now extends into Germany and other European nations, and is slowly spreading elsewhere because of the media personnel, who publicizes claims and other material of alleged abductions and sexual activities. Their activities substantiate the fact that, contrary to fanatical claims made by abduction believers, this type of hysteria manifests itself only when such false information is disseminated and announced publicly.

If one were to believe all the nonsense that surrounds abductions and impregnations by extraterrestrials especially in America and Germany, the world would be simply crawling with hybrids. These two countries would be swarming with newly bred children, adolescents and adults who supposedly were procreated between extraterrestrials and human terrestrials, in particular by the "Little Greys" from the Zeta Reticuli constellation. The source of these nonsensical sexual contacts between extraterrestrials and earthlings can be ascertained very quickly. This feeblemindedness originated with Elisabeth Klarer in South Africa who, contrary to better judgment, spread the lie that she had been impregnated by an extraterrestrial and subsequently had given birth to a son. Because she could not present this son as proof for her claim, she resorted to lying by stating that she was, of course, unable to educate and raise him on Earth in her own environment and, therefore, she was forced to leave him behind on the alien world with her own father. From the time she construed and publicized this lie, sufficiently large numbers of simpletons (and there still are some in existence today) accepted her con game as the truth.

Many people claim that these hybrids, sired through sexual acts between extraterrestrials and Earth humans, are ugly and often disfigured. This is simply as nonsensical as the assertion that the hybrid births are real. Babies who are born deformed are merely deformed and such deformations have occurred from time immemorial without influence of a sexual or genetic-manipulatory nature by extraterrestrials. Anyone who believes otherwise has fallen prey to some wellorchestrated, extensive con game and nonsense. The same applies also to the alleged animal mutilations by extraterrestrials. If it were otherwise, and if these stupidlyimpudent, fanatical claims were true, the media of every type would be the first to pick up, disseminate and make the most of this sensational news. Actually, they would pounce like vultures upon such a sensation to make the most of it, and the entire world would soon hear about every detail. The fact is, however, that such horror stories are, as a rule, only spread by certain gullible people who deal with UFOs, extraterrestrials, sectarianism, esoterica, parapsychology and the like -- they preoccupy themselves with those who, far from any reality, accept each and every feeblemindedness and nonsense tossed their way as the truth, while the originators and writers of such rumors and tales make themselves an immense financial profit. Apparently, the genuine truth is not in demand, and the patrons of such trivia and nonsense only race after every incredible sensationalism based upon the inexplicable, which countless terrestrials pursue as loyally as puppies trotting behind their master.

In general, the hysteria, such as the one about alleged abductions and sexual activities by extraterrestrials, is a psychosis to which the purported abductees have succumbed. One must keep in mind, however, that many of these abduction claims arise from inferiority complexes, reasons of the individual's own image, and factors of self-esteem and the like. Oligophrenia may frequently play a role as well, though, and individuals afflicted by it fail to realize what nonsense they are telling others. In such cases, oligophrenia is linked with a psychosis as well.

Oligophrenia (Greek) - A weakness of the intellect or, rather, feeblemindedness. This infirmity of the intellect may be inherited or acquired as the result of brain damage that generally has its roots in infancy; oligophrenia can also be caused by inherited metabolic anomalies. Depending on the severity of oligophrenia, serious disturbances of the thinking and speaking process may manifest themselves. There are usually four degrees of differentiation: retardation, debility (slightly feebleminded), imbecility (demifeeblemindedness) and idiocy.

Psychosis (Greek) - A psychotic disorder is an affliction of the consciousness (erroneously termed "Geisteskrankheit" in German = disorder of the spirit, mind). Psychosis is a collective term for disorders where important psychological functions are severely disrupted. They are among the most common psychiatric disorders and must be differentiated from neuroses (psychological disruptions, generally caused by undigested experiences which may be manifested also as disruptions of normal body functions), personality disorders and oligophrenia. Oligophrenia and psychoses may be present simultaneously. Frequently, psychoses may be linked to obvious misjudgment of reality (delusion, delusional experiences, hallucinations, severe memory and emotional disorders as well as behavioral changes). In many cases the individual is not aware of these manifestations and, unfortunately, often so-called experts fail to diagnose them since psychotic persons usually appear to be completely normal as long as they remain free from oligophrenia or other conspicuous afflictions.

It should be noted that patients afflicted with psychoses often do not 'experience themselves'; instead, they hold a distorted view of their environment, and for this reason they have no awareness whatever of their illness during the acute stage. There exists another type of psychoses whereby the afflicted individuals have delusional experiences that revolve around their own person. In their delusional state, the individual misuses or simply uses them for various purposes (e.g., alleged rape or voluntary sexual acts by and with extraterrestrials. A new variation to this disease exists nowadays among human beings, those who knowingly or unknowingly internalize the multitude of information that pertains to UFOs, extraterrestrials, purported contacts, abductions and the like. Patients having such psychoses react to the information and internally produce delusions and delusional experiences).

Psychoses result in disorders of the Self whereby one's own thoughts are experienced as coming from other persons or beings, ghosts, demons, higher or lower spirit forms, as well as extraterrestrials. Manifestations of delusional outlook and delusional experiences occur that cause his entire surroundings, or parts of them, to appear threatening or dangerous to the patient. This is often linked to a misjudgment of external reality (delusion) and delusional changes in perception (hallucinations). However, today's science of psychiatry on Earth apparently has no inkling of the fact that the patient's own body seems to physically experience some delusional episodes -- even though this type of psychosis is increasingly spreading among individuals who, consciously or unconsciously, have assimilated genuine or false information pertaining to UFOs, extraterrestrials, abductions and sexual activities by the aliens and so forth. Frequently and concurrently, behavioral disorders or changes, respectively, may occur with a psychosis which may range from slight and hardly noticeable to severe or bizarre behavior patterns that produce the severest disruptions of the affect (depressions, manias, etc.), comprehension and memory. Indeed, torturous restlessness and anxiety attacks may be present with psychoses.

Yet another factor in this scenario of alleged abductions of terrestrials by extraterrestrials, which are often combined with purported sexual contacts, is the following aspect, about which nothing has been said until now: Terrestrial males are claiming they were abducted by extraterrestrials and robbed of their sperms; or else that they were forced to have sexual contacts with extraterrestrial females to breed hybrid beings (the result of such cross-breeding). Simultaneously, terrestrial females are asserting they were abducted by extraterrestrials and impregnated by them through artificial insemination or by direct sexual contacts with these aliens. If this truly were the case, planet Earth would simply be swarming with hybrid beings. But as everyone knows this is not the case, even though fanatics who are involved with UFO and extraterrestrial matters label certain deformed infants as being hybrids of terrestrials and extraterrestrials. Of course the notion prevails, and how could it be otherwise, that the hybrid progenies resulting from terrestrial males with extraterrestrial females are alive and being raised and educated by the extraterrestrials -- while the alleged, extraterrestrially impregnated females from Earth are robbed of their babies by the extraterrestrials immediately after or prior to their infants' birth. The reason behind this is, supposedly, that a plan exists to breed a new hybrid human race and that the hybrid children purportedly cannot survive on Earth and would quickly perish due to the environmental conditions and other influences. The response to this most asinine assertion of all related claims should only be this question: "Why have these alleged hybrid babies who grew within the bodies of terrestrial women not died prior to their birth since they were totally and exclusively living on the required type of terrestrial nutritional support?" Or could it be that the mothers of these hybrid babies casually and lightheartedly surrender the children to the extraterrestrials so they, the babies, can live on an alien world where only pure love, harmony, wisdom and sunshine exist, instead of keeping them among Earth's human population and on a planet that is the last piece of rubbish within the Universe, as certain UFO sectarians and others choose to phrase it. Or else, they simply use South African Elisabeth Klarer's trick so they do not have to provide proof for their nonsense of alleged sexual contacts with equally alleged extraterrestrials!

Let it be known that there is absolutely no denying the fact that so-called examination contacts did occur whereby extraterrestrials occasionally took human beings from Earth into their spacecraft to inspect, that is, to examine them. Such incidents, however, have been extremely rare throughout our entire past just as they are now. Therefore such occurrences are hardly worth mentioning. Anyone claiming anything different simply does not quite have a lucid head and is, therefore, mentally unbalanced.


During the 253rd Contact on November 1, 1995, the Pleiadians/Plejarans provided the following explanation, among other things, in reference to a question posed to Ptaah concerning the Roswell film's authenticity:

Billy: "How are we to judge the authenticity of the Roswell film, which allegedly depicts the autopsy of an extraterrestrial being?

Florena: We could not find any evidence whatsoever that a certain Jack Barnett or Jack Barret existed or actually filmed the footage as Ray Santilli initially identified the man. We even took the time to travel back in time to the period of the crash in order to SCAN the actual location. Our findings were totally different from those shown in the movie. Furthermore, there was no photographer or cameraman present who was filming and later allegedly absconded with several rolls of film. Photographs were taken and filming was indeed going on but by members of the Army and the Secret Service, and they delivered all of the related material to the appropriate offices. According to our investigations, the film is a despicable hoax that cannot be outdone in tastelessness, because the defrauders mercilessly and criminally abused a 16-year-old girl whom they used as their model after she died of an illness that had deformed her. Unfortunately, I am not familiar with medical science, but Ptaah can give you more details when he visits you again. One of his professions is that of a doctor.

Billy: Yes, I know about that. I shall wait until he returns. Our cordial thanks to you and all the others for your efforts. Tell me now, what's happening with the Pope -- does he believe in God, and does he believe everything he's preaching? Florena: Ptaah said that such a question could only come from you, and he may be right, for none of us ever had any suspicions that this man was different from what he pretended to be. However, our investigations over the past two weeks clearly reveal that this alleged representative of God believes neither in the existence of a God above him nor in any of the other religious nonsense he preaches. This man only believes in himself and this was the case among many of the earlier popes, something we brought to light via trips into the past and visits to locations of the various events. We found out that a small number, a mere 36 popes, believed in a God above them, while the remainder were concerned only with their office and their position of power. Indeed, several of them totally rejected the Christian faith, a fact which, of course, they knew quite well to conceal from others."


(a question posed on the telephone)


"Billy, I was told that you are the only human being on Earth who has ever had contact with extraterrestrials; indeed, you allegedly claimed this yourself. Are these the facts?"

RESPONSE: No, this is not the truth. In every single case it was simply mentioned that I am the only human being on Earth to ever have, and continue to have, contact with the Pleiadians/Plejarans. Hence, I never stated that other people on Earth did not have contacts with other extraterrestrials, for example at examination contacts and the like. Permit me to emphasize here once again that I am the only human being on Earth who has ever had, and still continues to have, genuine contacts with the Pleiadians/Plejarans - provided you ignore a handful of cases from which no official records exist, and which were only in telepathic form. To these contacts should be added one brief, unexpected direct encounter by another person near Zahedan in Persia (now Iran), but all of these contact individuals have since died many years ago. Additionally, numerous telepathic impulse contacts also are taking place of which the terrestrial recipients do not have any inkling at all.


(Miramar) In July 1995 almost a thousand faithful from all over the world gathered to celebrate the second day of their congress on extraterrestrials near San Jose de Costa Rica with meditations and moralistic appeals to terrestrial humankind. The site of this spectacle was a ranch in Miramar, where the participants attempted to make contact with extraterrestrials -- as though the latter were actually waiting to communicate with nutty terrestrials. Two of the participants called themselves experts in matters related to extraterrestrials, their global activities and so forth. One of these two participants called himself Tara Siva from Hawaii, USA. The other, a Swiss man, was too cowardly to reveal his name but he had others address him only as Martin. All participants dressed in white robes and, according to their testimonies, they meditated "for the benefit of mankind," in the hope that some extraterrestrials would actually be waiting especially for them, their congress, and the opportunity to contact earthlings at this time. Through this erroneous belief, the faithful with their screwy concept of reality also directed their audience and fellowmen to immediately "shed the spiritual lethargy in which they are entrapped."

Martin, who intentionally concealed his full name and address, stated that 80% of mankind is "completely asleep" and ignorant of all phenomena pertaining to extraterrestrial life. He even presented the other participants of the congress with instructions on how to contact the "light beings" on other planets. These instructions mainly dealt with the need to meditate for more self-awareness.

In contrast with this so-called Martin, the Peruvian Sixto Paz, who is considered one of the most credible UFO researchers within his own circle, recommended that people only need to eat healthful, vegetarian food and to breathe appropriately; of course, linked to his suggestions is the abstention from all alcohol and tobacco (which should not be rejected as erroneous). However, his claim that through observation of these guidelines he was able to travel to the Jupiter moon Ganymede, where, according to his silly assertion, a colony of extraterrestrials have their homes. With them he has a good relationship, or so he claims. Such talk belongs within the realm of fantasy.

One must acknowledge, though, that good deeds came from this experience. One was the criticism of the world's religions and their dogmas, etc., that hamper Man's evolution and independence. Instead of suggesting they turn towards organized religions, the participants were advised to explore their innermost selves where they would discover the temple each individual carries within him- or herself.

A claim was also made that extraterrestrials oppose the resumption of the French nuclear bomb tests with warnings that earthquakes would be the result.


During Contact #252 on February 14, 1995, I asked Ptaah why the Pleiadians/Plejarans live within our DERN Universe in a space-time configuration which is shifted somewhat from our own space and time configuration by a mere fraction of a second. Here is his reply:

Ptaah: There are relatively few extrasolar planetary systems in the DERN Universe's space and time configuration - they are rare indeed. On the other hand, in the dimension where we and all other groups of the Enoch (Henok) lineage live, numerous solar systems exist that contain planets capable of supporting great varieties of life. Even our earliest ancestors travelled to these dimensions with the shifted space and time configuration in which we now live; and for this reason, we, as well as all other Enoch [Henok in German] lineage groups, have been knowledgeable about them since the days of yore.

Billy: What do you mean by "relatively" in regard to planet-carrying solar systems?

Ptaah: Many planets exist in numerous solar systems within the space-timeconfiguration of the DERN Universe. If I may say so, however, by comparison to those in our dimension, these systems are extremely spread out. This means that the many planet-bearing solar systems in this galaxy, the Milky Way, are very far apart from each other, while in our dimension and galaxy countless solar systems with planets are close to one another, that is, they are very densely grouped."

This explanation tells us that in billions of galaxies within the space-time configuration of our DERN Universe, there exist many solar systems that also have planetary systems grouped around them, although they are incredibly far apart. For this reason, there may be dozens, hundreds, even thousands of light years between two planet-bearing solar systems. The fact that planets exist within a solar system does not necessarily indicate the existence of any type of life on these worlds, however, because special prerequisites, which really very few planets possess, are essential for this to happen. In the Pleiadians'/Plejarans' dimension this is totally different. Under very different physical conditions there do exist a great many solar systems with planetary systems capable of supporting life. For this reason one need not search there for life-bearing planets as though they were needles in a haystack, which is the case in our Universe' dimension, where astronomers have been looking for different planets in other solar systems for quite some time. Until recently their undertakings have been in vain; but this situation changed recently when two Swiss residents discovered for the first time that other suns also have planets.

Although we have always known that our sun is not the only star orbited by planets in our cosmos, astronomers finally have now discovered this fact as well. Astronomers have long suspected that planets could orbit other suns too, but only now were their hunches undeniably confirmed. It is unlikely that life of any type exists on this recently discovered planet because its climate is truly hellish. Nevertheless, it is a planet that orbits a sun; a star visible at a distance of a mere 42 light years from Earth, and one that any somewhat experienced amateur astronomer can even observe with the naked eye.

The recently discovered planet orbits a star not unlike our sun in the Pegasi constellation. Two Swiss astronomers, Michel Mayor and Didier Queloz, from Geneva University, made this discovery in the first half of October 1995. The two scientists had always been convinced additional planets existed in space that orbited around some of the myriad of sunlike stars in the galaxies. Since the planet's successful discovery, other astronomical groups have confirmed the findings of these two Swiss astronomers. The newly discovered planet circles around the star 51 Pegasi, which is comparable to our SOL system and exists in the constellation with the identical name as the one that forms a huge square in the night sky. (For those of you who are somewhat familiar with the stars, 51 Pegasi can be identified with the naked eye during times of good visibility toward the end of October and can certainly be spotted with binoculars. Around 9 p.m. it lies exactly due South, at a point of 63 degrees above the horizon.)

According to initial announcements, the newly discovered planet has at least half of Jupiter's mass and orbits its own sun in only 4.2 days. This fact alone may explain why life is incapable of existing there. The planet's distance from its sun, 51 Pegasi, is approximately 20 times less than that from our SOL sun to Earth (distance Earth-Sun = 1 AU = 149.6 million kilometers or 92.9 million miles). In other words, the newly discovered planet orbits its mother-star at a distance of roughly 7.48 million kilometers or 4.6 million miles. This small gap [MERCURY, the closest, known planet to our SOL sun is 57.9 million km or 35.9 mill. miles from SOL] signifies that the planet must simply be a raging inferno with a temperature of at least 1000° Celsius [1832° Fahrenheit].

The discovery of this planet, considered a spectacular item in astronomical circles, absolutely was not a so-called coincidence. The two astronomers had been systematically searching the skies above the South of France, at a place called the "Observatoire de Haute-Provence" that possesses a telescope 2 meters (6 foot) in diameter. Here the explorers investigated more than a hundred stars as they searched for a suspicious "wobble." Remote planets cannot be observed directly because the luminosity of their mother star by far exceeds the planet's own low gleam. However, a large, massive planet causes the sun it is orbiting to move in a kind of wobbly, undulating manner as it circles around the mutual point of gravity, the central point of both celestial bodies, respectively. And it is precisely this undulating movement by 51 Pegasi that gave the planet away. When the level at which the sun and the planet orbit lies within the view of a telescope, the star, in its own rotating movements, advances for some time toward Earth and then withdraws again. This to-and-fro movement can be measured with highly sensitive spectrographs. As 51 Pegasi moves toward Earth, its emitted light waves are slightly compressed, causing their wavelength to become shorter and the light bluer. When it moves away again from the Earth, the light waves pull apart and become reddish. The planet's mass can be calculated through this socalled Doppler Effect.

The discovery of this planet by the two Swiss men brought to a close a lengthy race by astronomers all around the globe. Using the most diverse methods available, scientists had for decades been searching for the first extrasolar planets near SOL-like stars, and astronomers were led by a mutual and genuine hunting spirit. Now that the quest has ended, the search will be kept within normal parameters for other sun-like stars with planets. Of interest is the fact that planets have previously been found several times, but they were never in close proximity to sun-like objects; they were always near formations such as pulsars, for example.


How do the Pleiadians/Plejarans calculate the age of Earth as well as the Milky Way, etc.?

Answer: As a rule, the Pleiadians/Plejarans begin their calculations with the first formation of gaseous matter. This gaseous formation, however, has nothing to do with the gaseous accumulations from which celestial bodies ensue. The gaseous matter's initial formation is considered to be the moment when gaseous matter originates in its original form, as was the case with Earth, for instance, nearly 640 billion years ago. This gaseous matter continues to form into some type of configuration, of course, which changes into coarse material over time and then, in another transformation, turns into gas once again, only to change, through additional compactions, into other formations such as planets like Earth. Supposedly, this is how our planet formed into a solid planet approximately 46 billion years ago. One must refrain from imagining a dense planet with this description, but must envision it merely as a planetary formation, which turned from a gaseous into a substance-type form that rotated and was incredibly hot without yet possessing its own solid matter. This came about much later, when the gases condensed to the point where they generated their own gravitation as fragments of rock, ice, metal and other things were attracted from space into the future planet's range. Over many millions of years, these materials accumulated because the larger the growing planet became the more planetesimals [planetary matter/meteorites, etc.] it attracted. This is how, five billion years ago, Planet Earth "grew" to the point where its consistency was solidly compacted: a planet that consisted of internally solid, coarse matter, surrounded by an outer layer several kilometers thick. Within this outer layer, fire- and lava-spewing volcanos continued to rage, however, and yet thwarted the existence of all life. Still, over time, the planet did cool down and became more tranquil, whereupon a planetary shift occurred that ultimately inaugurated suitable conditions from which life could develop.

When mention is made, therefore, that Earth is approximately 640 billion years old it means that it is calculated from the time when the very first gaseous matter evolved, from which Planet Earth was able to develop over a period of billions of years. As a solid, compact material form, the Earth has existed only for approximately five billion years -- although far older material has been discovered within the Earth's interior.

The manner in which the Pleiadians/Plejarans investigate the age of any given material is based on a masterful technique that involves turning any type of matter into gas and then regressing it back into its Ur-energies ("Ur" is a German prefix signifying earliest, most ancient, initial, primeval) to the point of its origin by way of the two components, NEGATIVE-Energy from the Transformation Belt and POSITIVE-Energy from Ur-Space. This initial energy can be dated in the same manner as any coarse matter.

What is the Universal Material Belt?

Answer: The Universal Material Belt is that part or belt, respectively, of the Universe where matter exists, that is to say, planets, suns, galaxies, meteors, comets, gases, the entire dark matter and other things. All of these things exist only within this material belt, whereas no material whatsoever can be found in the internal and external belts (of which there exist seven in all). In the so-called Transformation Belt those forms develop from which matter develops that later exists in the Material Belt, hence in our visible DERN Universe. This is the only portion of the Universe we human beings are capable of seeing and exploring. We cannot see anything beyond it, for only total emptiness and blackness reign there. Absolutely nothing can be observed or detected -- even with the best modern astronomical or other extraordinary tools available to us. The inner and outer belts beyond our visible material Universe are practically endless, and are vast and dark if one excludes the innermost, radiant belt where the Big Bang originated approximately 46 trillion years ago. The aftereffects of the Big Bang continue to linger within the adjacent belt which, looking at it from Earth, is roughly 1.25 x 1015 light years away at its closest proximity. Terrestrial scientists are incapable of peering and listening into these depths of space even with the most elaborate super devices. And this indicates precisely the degree of our scientists' narrow-mindedness, when they claim the Universe is barely as old as the distance they can penetrate into the nearly endless space with their observation devices and contraptions. They do not have the remotest clue that the Universe extends far beyond what they envision it to be, and that it has six additional belts in total, which are void of any coarse material or matter.

Matter itself is in constant transformation within the Material Belt and it is, therefore, subject to growth and disintegration processes. For this reason, matter can never be or become as old as the Complete Universe. At any given time, therefore, only young matter can be found in the Material Universe; matter that can, at best, be a mere 40 or 45 billion years old -- in a solid and compact state -- while the age of the Complete Universe beyond the Material Belt, respectively our Material Universe, amounts to approximately 46 trillion years.

The attempt to schematically depict the Complete Universe, is an impossible feat due to its colossal size. Additionally, its spiral-egg shape complicates everything even more. Nonetheless, here is an attempt by way of a circular diagram, a model, to illustrate an overview of what our Complete Universe looks like, which bears the name DERN Universe. The sketched proportions do not correspond in distance with one another, of course, since this is only a schematic diagram; for more specific data regarding this material I suggest you read Guido Moosbrugger's lecture, as printed in our FIGU pamphlet "Überdenkenswerte Vorträge" (Lectures to Ponder -- available only in German at this point).

In Guido's illustration, belt #4 depicts our Material Universe, that is to say, the part of the Complete Universe where the galaxies exist with suns, planets, meteors, gas clouds, comets and so forth. The Ur-Space (#3) is the belt from which emanates the so-called background radiation that leads back to the Ur-Core (#2), the actual Ur-Layer, in whose center lies the Central-Core (#1) that constitutes the actual Big Bang location, the Big Bang Center. Beginning in the Ur-Space, matter starts its development and then passes into the Universe Belt, hence, our Material Universe. This matter consists of energy, however, which intermingles with other energy forms that penetrate from the Transformation Belt (#5) into our Material Universe. The energy matter from Ur-Space is POSITIVE, while the other matter from the Transformation Belt is NEGATIVE. As they join in the Material Universe, they develop into new energy forms from which, ultimately, coarse matter evolves. In the Transformation Belt (#5) the fine matter energies of the Creation Belt (#6) are transformed into energy forms that already extend into the realm of material energy. This makes them absorbable by the Transformation Belt, and they are turned into coarse energy. The Creation Belt (#6) absorbs the finest of energies from the space of the Absolute Absolutum, which is located beyond the Displacement Belt, also called Ram Belt (#7), whose function it is to nudge away the walls of other universes that float within the space of the Absolute Absolutum as well. The Displacement Belt also performs another function, namely that of absorbing the finest energy matters from the Absolute Absolutum sphere and passing them on into the Creational Belt. This process supplies the Complete Universe with all the indispensable energies it needs to exist. Although it created itself or, rather, was created through the Ur-Idea of the previous Ur-Creation, one can see that the Complete Universe nevertheless requires external energies -- in this case from the Absolute Absolutum -- upon whose finest energies ultimately 1049 different forms of Creation depend in infinite number. Regardless of the fact that the Complete Creation, Universal Consciousness, or whatever one wishes to call the Complete Universe, is capable of supporting itself, it nonetheless requires some force, an energy, that enables the Universe to achieve it. This force or energy is provided by the Absolute Absolutum. The Absolute Absolutum is the only entity capable of passing on the indispensable and fundamental energies to all existing forms of creations within the entire vastness of all Creational forms, so that they, in turn, have the capability of being able to support themselves. And yet, even the Absolute Absolutum is dependent upon an external life energy, which it does not draw from a higher type of Creation, but directly from what human beings call Absolute Nothing. The Absolute Nothing does, however, contain the fundamental, finest energies from which the Absolute Absolutum self-created itself an unfathomably long time ago.


Model of the Universe: Schematic depiction of the Belts (I) (see printed edition of this bulletin)

  1. Central Core: radius = 3.5 light years = 1 mm (1/16th inch) on this model
  2. Ur-Core: width = 1 x 10^14 light years = 28.6 x 106 km
  3. Ur-Space: width = 1 x 10^14 light years = 28.6 x 106 km
  4. Solid-State Matter Universe Belt (includes all galaxies, planets, stars, etc.): width = 2.5 x 10^15 light years = 714.3 x 106 km or 25 times the width of the 3rd Belt
  5. Transformation Belt: width = 1 x 10^55 light years = 2.857 x 1048 km or 4 times 1039 the width of the 4th Belt
  6. Creation Belt: width = 1.4 x 10^64 light years = 4 x 1057 km = 5.6 times 1048 the width of the 4th Belt or 1.4 times 109 the size of the 5th Belt
  7. Displacement Belt: width = 1.4 x 10^7 light years, which should be depicted as 4 km on this diagram model

The average radius of our entire DERN Universe measures:

Belt #(6) 1.4 x 10^64 + (5) 1.0 x 10^55 + (2,3,4) 2.7 x 10^15 + (7) 1.4 x 10^7 + (1) 3.5 light years.

Schematic drawing and calculations by Guido Moosbrugger



What should one make of this bombastic heading? Some people might possibly envision a play in a theater, a Sci-Fi movie or the title of a novel. None of these is correct in this case. Instead, it is the title of an event I experienced in June 1995 during my stay in California.

While visiting my American friends Heidi and Bob for one week, among other things, we went on a 36-hour excursion to the sand dunes south of the Salton See. After driving in Bob's Landrover for several hours, we reached our desired goal late that afternoon. We cozily and contentedly settled upon the warm, flat crest of a towering sand dune. The sun presented itself as a fiery red disc just above the horizon, and we did not have to wait very long for its setting. It was an impressive spectacle. Very slowly, darkness crept in and the sky became increasingly dotted with glittering stars. Far from the hustle and bustle of human habitation, a festive tranquility reigned that was only occasionally interrupted by the distant clatter of a passing truck. With visible relief we were able to delight in the warmth of the balmy summer evening that had by now cooled to a pleasant temperature, after being 43°C (110°F) in the shade during the day. Lying on our backs we observed the splendor of the starry-night sky. The Ursae Majoris constellation was almost directly above our heads, and everyone knows that this can be very valuable for verifying one's direction at night.

At approximately 9:00 p.m. we suddenly discovered a light the size of a star, which travelled at moderate speed and straight as an arrow across the sky in a north-south direction. Initially I assumed it was a terrestrial satellite, but then I thought it might possibly be a manned spacecraft orbiting Planet Earth at an altitude of 20-40 km (12.5- 25 miles). But my next thought was to attempt an experiment; and so I decided to wish for the flying object to please glow brightly -- so-to-speak as a salute to us or the indication of a bond. No sooner had this thought entered my head when, to my surprise, my wish became reality, which, of course, filled me with great joy!

But this was just the beginning, for after only a few minutes I was given another opportunity to repeat the same experiment. It did not work and this second flying object did not allow itself to be enticed into reacting with any visible signs. In the case of a terrestrial satellite any reaction would have been completely impossible anyway. It was not long before another "moving star" passed by with approximately the same flight path, but in the opposite direction. Of course, I tried my luck once more, eagerly supported by Heidi and Bob. At first it seemed that our efforts were totally in vain, but they were crowned with success a little while later. After several moments yet another flying object showed itself, moving along in roughly the same direction as the preceding three, but it did not respond to our wish in any way. Well, we said, so be it. We were satisfied nonetheless because two of the four "moving stars" had positively reacted by suddenly flaring up brightly. Without any other expectations at all we continued to direct our glances to the starry sky and did not have the slightest inkling of the surprise that was yet in store for us. While we were still eagerly discussing the things we had just experienced, guessing around as to who might have been so kind to send us a greeting in such a nice manner, something unexpected happened. In the Ursae Majoris constellation we discovered a fifth flying object travelling on more or less the same flight path as the other four we had observed earlier. The amazing thing, though, was that this flying object not only made itself known without any effort on our part, but it was also not satisfied with merely flaring up brightly the way the others had done. Instead, the small, starlike object enlarged itself to a brightly glistening disk the size of Jupiter, only to shrink back shortly afterwards to its original size. Then the unknown object continued on its flight and eventually disappeared from our view.

Naturally, we had never counted on such an impressive salute. The question remains, however, whom do we owe such a surprising demonstration. Since we had been told that the Pleiadians/Plejarans and their confederates had withdrawn and eliminated their secret terrestrial stations, we initially thought of alien, peaceful extraterrestrial visitors - that is until Billy explained the actual situation to us. According to his explanation, in spite of the Plejarans' withdrawal, a few unmanned Pleiadian/Plejaran telemeter disks continue to circle our globe. In addition to these, two manned Pleiadian ships constantly perform their monitoring flights above Earth. With this corrective explanation all ambiguities were resolved.

Guido Moosbrugger, Austria


On April 26, 1990, the Pleiadian/Plejaran Jshwish Ptaah gave the following, yet unofficial, explanation regarding a fighter plane crash with a UFO. The collision took place on December 2, 1970, along the North Vietnam and Laos border. The unfortunate accident involved U.S. Air Force Lieutenant-Colonel Anthony Shine, a 33yearold American fighter pilot, and occurred when Shine's plane entered into the material-deflecting, protective shield of an extraterrestrial flying device from Ursan as he manoeuvered in dense clouds. The Ursans belong to the Pleiadian confederation and were, at the time, on a monitoring flight in that region, where they were observing the war stratagems. Due to their flying craft's material-deflection shield and their related invisibility, the Ursans presumed themselves to be in a safe location, particularly because this materialdeflection belt causes any solid or ray-like matter to deflect from it, and its range was effective over an area of several hundred meters. The UFO crew members noticed the fast-flying American fighter plane, but when the plane suddenly went into a rapid, steep climb into the clouds, it entered the deflection shield area and touched it with its right wing tip, which was shattered by the impact. The entire wing became deformed and rendered the plane's steering capability useless. The aircraft veered sideways and ultimately crashed. The pilot ejected to safety, assuming he had been shot at and hit by enemy ground defense. The Ursans observed Anthony Shine as he floated to the ground by his parachute; unfortunately, he was then captured and held prisoner by the [North Vietnamese] enemy.



Through the renewed nuclear bomb tests by the French (see Voice of the Aquarian Age, #97, Dec. 95, 252nd Contact Report) and the Chinese, many question have been raised regarding the tests' effects upon the environment, about which the Contact Report presents the data. Additional questions center on nuclear development and the legacy of nuclear misuse and other topics. I do not mind providing information on this topic, at least as far I am able to do so:

Q: How many atomic bombs exist worldwide?

A: Approximately 20,000.

Q: Did Japan actually capitulate after the dropping of the nuclear bombs 50 years ago?

A: Yes. The Americans' act of dropping of atomic bombs over Hiroshima and Nagasaki forced the Japanese to surrender. For half a century now the world has lived with the "equilibrium of terror" which means that the nuclear powers have kept each other at bay with their atomic bombs and other nuclear potential, while their threats of a nuclear war constantly lurked in the background.

Q: When did the first detonation of a nuclear bomb take place?

A: Several seconds before 5:30 a.m. on July 16th, 1945, on the test grounds of Alamagordo near Los Alamos, New Mexico, USA, the first nuclear bomb, a plutonium bomb, was detonated. Due to the success of this test, one participant said to J. Robert Oppenheimer, the scientific director of the nuclear bomb program, called "Manhattan Project": "Now we are all sons of bitches!"

Q: How often have atomic bombs been utilized?

A: Since Hiroshima and Nagasaki, no additional nuclear bombs have been utilized in warfare. This does not denote, however, they have not been in constant use for commercial purposes, particularly in Russia. Through the use of nuclear explosions new lakes and waterways have been created in that country. In 1961, just after the erection of the Berlin Wall, the world was on the brink of a nuclear war. In 1962, barely one year later, the situation became even more dramatic when the Cuban Crisis shook the world. John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the 35th President of the United States (1961-63; assassinated on November 22, 1963, in Dallas, Texas, by Lee Harvey Oswald who was murdered himself by Jack Rubynstein called Ruby) forced Soviet ships, that were fully loaded with rockets and nuclear warheads and ready to make a run for Castro's Cuba, to turn back and return to the Soviet Union. The Americans were the first to detonate a nuclear bomb. They were also the first to utilize this all-destructive bomb in war, killing hundreds of thousands of people in the process without ever having any concern or remorse about it. If American generals had their way, additional nuclear bombs would have been dropped, since other high-ranking American military officials wanted to criminally end the wars in Korea and Vietnam by dipping into their vast arsenal of all-destructive, all-annihilating nuclear weaponry.

Q: How many countries possess nuclear bombs today?

A: At first only the Americans had nuclear-weapon capability, and they also had a monopoly on them. This did not last for long, however, and by 1949 the former Soviet Union was right there and held its first tests, followed in 1952 by Great Britain, France (1960) and China (1964). Currently the two arch enemies India and Pakistan possess atomic bombs, as does Israel. Libya, Iran, Iraq and North Korea have diligently worked on nuclear bomb capability. Woe be to all mankind, every life form, indeed the entire planet, should these countries actually decide to produce nuclear weapons. Reflecting on the Islamic fundamentalist fanaticism movement, surely every rational person can foresee what is in store for the world, humankind and all life, when these fanatics actually gain possession of such devastating, nuclear total-annihilation weapons.

Q: When was the first hydrogen bomb detonated?

A: Again the Americans were the first to employ this weapon when they exploded the first hydrogen bomb in 1952. Since that time, the magnitude of energy unleashed by nuclear bombs is no longer measured in kilotons but in megatons of the conventional explosive TNT (Trinitrotoluene). One Kiloton = 1000 times = 103 of the mass-measuring unit ton; megaton = million times = 106 of the mass measuring unit ton. In 1973 there existed enough nuclear explosion potential to provide 15 tons of TNT for each human being living on Earth.

Q: What has been done until now to curb the nuclear madness?

A: Basically very little has been done -- a drop in a bucket - for even today nuclear weapons are the favorite toy of power hungry government officials and military agencies who continue to criminally jeopardize mankind and the planet. Anyone who is inclined to consider nuclear weaponry for possible utilization, testing, or merely as a deterrent, is contemptuous of mankind and all life forms; that person is simply criminally offensive scum and is unworthy of living. The capability of all existing nuclear bombs worldwide is now sufficiently adequate to completely destroy and annihilate the Earth several times over through so-called "overkill." This looming danger may have finally put some sanity into power-fanatics and individuals of authority among the nuclear powers. As a result, conferences were being held to deal with the reduction and restriction of nuclear weaponry. Supposedly, all midrange nuclear rockets that posed a danger for Europe have been scrapped -- but it is doubtful whether this is actually occurring to the fullest extent. White Russia, Kazakhstan and the Ukraine promised to destroy all atomic weapons or return them to Russia. Ultimately, this neither occurred to the fullest extent nor within the agreed-upon framework. In 1993, Russia and the USA agreed that all nuclear, multiple-warhead, intercontinental rockets would be destroyed. Also included in the pact was an agreement whereby all strategic nuclear warheads would be reduced to 3000-3500 by the year 2003.

Q: Currently (1995), how large is the worldwide stockpile of nuclear weaponry?

A: A great effort has been put into reducing the stockpiles; alas, as previously mentioned, much more is still needed. At this time, the autonomous states of the former Soviet Union continue to possess more than 10.100 nuclear warheads, while the USA maintains another 8.500. China has access to 284 nuclear warheads; France to 482 and Great Britain to 234. With 50 to 100 warheads, Israel is also involved in this nuclear weaponry disaster. And as though this is not enough, India followed suit with around 80 and Pakistan with 15 to 25 warheads.

Q: How many nuclear tests have been held worldwide until now (1995)?

A: All in all, the small and large nuclear powers have detonated 2120 nuclear warheads worldwide. Their detonation has generated contamination on a global scale through nuclear bombing and tests, which have triggered earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, violent storms and so forth. But politicians, the military and the scientific community vehemently deny this. According to reports by watchdog experts, the number of nuclear blasts triggered is estimated to be 936 (USA), 716 (former Soviet Union), 207 (France, 44 (Great Britain), 41 (China), and 1 by India. By October 31, 1995, these figures added up to 1945 nuclear explosions. This number does not represent the true total, however. Ptaah, the Pleiadian commander, stated that from the year 1945 through February 14, 1995, a total of 2.116 nuclear tests were performed. The fact that 3 additional tests were carried out in the Mururoa Atoll and 1 test in China between the day this conversation took place and October 31, 1995, raises the total of tests to 2.120 -- without mentioning even the numerous atomic bomb blasts detonated for commercial purposes.

Q: What does this nuclear heritage signify for our world and for all life?

A: The legacy for the world, and all life on it, is that through the nuclear contamination of vast regions on Earth, these areas will suffer damage for countless years to come; many types of cancer and mutations among human beings as well as in animals and plants will emerge. Furthermore, many regions have become completely useless for human habitation due to this nuclear contamination. Additionally, several billion dollars will be required alone in the USA and the former Soviet Union states to eradicate the damage caused by nuclear testing; of course, this fact is emphatically denied and downplayed by America. The USA claims that it would require only several hundreds of millions of dollars to remedy the situation. In Russia alone more than 50 large regions are radioactively contaminated, a fact also denied to this day even though there is available proof. Today Russia affirms that the nuclear disaster of Chernobyl is the largest nuclear catastrophe. It was caused by a fire spreading out of control in the civilian (vs. military) nuclear reactor. The fact that eight other, far greater nuclear catastrophes occurred in the former Soviet Union and resulted in the loss of numerous human lives since the initiation of nuclear experimentation, is kept secret to this day -- even though fourteen times more radioactivity than Chernobyl was released into those regions due to Super- MCAs (maximum conceivable accident at a nuclear power plant). Billy


A computer-hacker acquaintance of mine from America picked the following UFO sightings dates and locations from CUFON's (Computer UFO-Network, Seattle, Washington, USA -- UFO-Reporting and Information Service, SYSOP, Jim Klotz, Information Director, Dale Goudie) computer. He is offering them to me for this publication, and I shall continue to publish them in our FIGU Bulletins until further notice. At this point I have before me a computer-generated list of 225 UFO sighting reports that occurred between October 20, 1985 and December 5, 1995, and I will be reproducing them in FIGU Bulletins under the heading UFO Reports. The source of these reports is the NATIONAL UFO REPORTING CENTER.


Report #1

  • Subject: North Bergen, New Jersey, USA
  • Description: CE 1 - lights in the night sky [CE seems to stand for "close encounter," category 1. There seem to be 5 levels; level 5 = physical contact with extraterrestrials].
  • Date: October 5, 1985
  • Time: 8:15 p.m.
  • CFN #: 0127 [we must assume that CFN stands for Case File Number]

One witness reported sighting 4 large lights that manoeuvered around each other in the night sky. The distance between witness and lights is unknown. The duration of the sighting is also unknown.

Report #2

  • Subject: Santa Monica, California, USA
  • Description: CE 1 - lights in the night sky
  • Date: October 14, 1985
  • Time: 1:28 a.m.
  • CFN #: 0128

Six witnesses report having observed one large object in the west of the sky. The witnesses stated that the object appeared to have a type of fluorescent light upon it. The distance to the object is unknown. The duration is also unknown.

Report #3

  • Subject: Kerman, California, USA
  • Description: CE 1 - daylight sighting
  • Date: October 15, 1985
  • Time: 12:13 p.m.
  • CFN #: 0129

One witness reported sighting one very large object at great altitude. The witness said that the object moved about with very high speed. The witness said that the object looked like a large ball. He further stated that the object did not have a vapor trail. The witness could not hear any sound emanating from the object. The sighting lasted about 15 to 20 seconds.

Report #4

  • Subject: Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA
  • Description: CE 1 - lights in the night sky
  • Date: October 16, 1985
  • Time: 4:00 p.m.
  • CFN #: 0130

Two witnesses report having observed four groups of 3 lights each manoeuvering in the night sky. The witnesses said they could detect a deep, humming sound. The witnesses stated the objects were flying in a North-South direction, directly above their heads. The witnesses said that the duration of the sighting lasted only about 5-6 minutes.

Report #5

  • Subject: Port Orchard, Washington, USA
  • Description: CE 1 - lights in the night sky
  • Date: October 16, 1985
  • Time: 1:43 a.m.
  • CFN #: 0131

One witness reported sighting two rapidly moving lights in the night sky. The witness mentioned the lights seemed to be shooting beams of light. The witness stated that the lightbeams ejected by the lights were yellow and red. The witness further declared the lights moved at great speed. The sighting seemed to last about 30 seconds.

Report #6

  • Subject: Norwalk, Connecticut, USA
  • Description: CE 1 - lights in the night sky
  • Date: October 17, 1985
  • Time: 8:45 p.m.
  • CFN #: 0132

Twenty witnesses observed 15 to 20 lights in an open V-formation. The lights within the formation seemed to be moving around each other. When the formation had traversed half of the night sky, one of the lights seemed to break away from this V-Formation and departed with great speed. Witnesses mentioned hearing then a deep, rumbling sound. The height at which the V-Formation travelled was estimated to be very low. The witnesses said they first sighted the formation in the eastern sky. Witnesses stated that the formation travelled from West to East. The witnesses said the sighting lasted approximately 10 minutes.